Happy New Year + Creative Framing Ideas!

Hope everyone has been having a great new year week! I know, it's kinda hard getting back into the swing of things this first week, right? For me, I like to ease back into things with a bit of self-reflection and inspiration. So I'm delighted to share some creative framing ideas a recent client sent me! She gave these as beautiful holiday gifts and I think they are just super cute and a fun way to show off the images! Check out a DIY retro frame below!

Here's a gorgeous red frame with classic beveled mat.
This elevates your images to a Fine Art level!

A whimsical frame with curved edges.
Makes a bold and creative statement!

Doesn't this wire frame looks like it's picked up from a vintage fair? This can actually be found at your local Target! To get this kitchy retro look, DIY: Get a can of spray paint from the hardware or art store- choose a fun color (like this beautiful teal) give it a nice coat or two and voila! DIY has never been easier! This frame is a work of art by itself!

And this frame with natural fibers pairs nicely with the beach themed pin-up. Wouldn't it bring the warm feeling of the tropics to any home? I can almost feel that cool breeze and hear the sound of rushing waves! Ahhhhh....that's where I want to be for my next vacation!

So hope you enjoyed these ideas! All the frames were purchased at Aaron Brothers except the teal one mentioned above. Other framing shops I recommend are Michael's and University Art. Remember that beautiful pin-ups deserve beautiful presentations and it can be both simple and affordable to customize your own framing! Stay tuned for some more Valentine's deals coming next week! xoxo Kelly